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Our mission: to be in the pocket
of every building industry player in the Universe πŸš€

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Our story

Alobees is a 100% French startup created in 2017

Alobees founders Erwan Baynaud Franck Sousa

The story of Alobees began in 2017 when Erwan, an expert in new technologies, met Franck, creator and manager of a parquet installation company. Franck was looking to go digital to make his company more efficient.

Together, they noticed that SMEs in the construction sector were still not very aware of what digital technology could bring. They decided to revolutionise practices by creating a simple and ergonomic application for monitoring construction sites.

Alobees draws its essence from two professionals who have decided to combine technical expertise with field experience in order to transform construction sites worldwide in a sustainable and positive way.

Today Alobees is ...
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Our values

Innovation for the construction site

Innovation is always at the centre of our strategies to continually offer you new services that will make your work more efficient while simplifying your life. πŸ“²

Our customers, our strength

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Feedback and suggestions are worth their weight in gold and contribute greatly to the continuous improvement of our services. Our customers are always listened to. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Alobees acts for nature

We want to encourage our customers to become eco-responsible and this starts with the elimination of paper documents. Less paper = less trees cut! 🌱

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