The best site monitoring software in 2024

Finding the right construction site monitoring software can be a daunting task for construction professionals. To help you make the right choice, here is a well-reasoned ranking of the 10 best construction site monitoring software for 2024.

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The best site monitoring software in 2024

Finding the right construction site monitoring software can be a daunting task for construction professionals. To help you make the right choice, here is a well-reasoned ranking of the 10 best construction site monitoring software for 2024.

Construction site monitoring software: our ranking of the 10 best

1. Alobees

Available on PC, mobile and tablet, Alobees is the best application for the management of construction activities and construction sites. Adapted to VSEs and SMEs, it offers real-time monitoring, resource optimization tools and detailed planning.

Among its many advantages:

  • Scheduling and time management,
  • Wide range of functionalities (see below),
  • Possible connection with other tools,
  • Very intuitive interface,
  • Possibility of adding users by adapting their accesses,
  • Free and unlimited support.

Alobees is perfectly suited to the needs of construction companies, with adapted rates and a 14 day free trial. It simplifies communication and offers comprehensive features.

Users appreciate its responsive customer support. The software allows to save up to 20% of time, which can have a significant impact on the profitability of the business.

2. Graneet

Graneet is also aimed at SMEs in the construction and public works sector. This software offers intuitive financial management, allowing you to monitor the profitability of projects directly.

The advantages of Graneet:

  • Instant access to essential financial indicators,
  • Automation of the financial monitoring of construction projects,
  • Simple and easy to learn interface.

Although Graneet is effective for financial monitoring, it does not meet all the specific needs in terms of operational site management. This can be a barrier for those looking for a more holistic solution.

3. Costructor

Costructor, created in France, is a software dedicated to the creation of quotes, invoices and general management. It targets artisans and SMEs in the building sector.

Users appreciate its ease of use. With Costructor, you can:

  • Develop quotes and invoices,
  • Produce VAT certificates,
  • Integrate book descriptions,
  • Follow construction sites in real time,
  • Calculate the profitability of your projects.

The tool is optimized for mobile devices and offers customer support at no additional cost.

Although very effective for financial and document management, Costructor is not not specialized in the more technical aspects of site management, which may not be enough for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of project management.

4. Vertuoza

Vertuoza is another site monitoring solution, specially designed for construction professionals. Used by more than 2,500 entrepreneurs, the software offers a complete interface covering the entire management of a project, from reception to delivery.

In addition to optimizing margins in real time and effectively managing contingencies, Vertuoza offers functionalities for the management of quotes, invoices, orders, resources, stocks, as well as reporting tools. Continuing education is included in the license for optimal use.

Vertuoza does not offer Rates only on estimate and its support is not always accessible. The interface is not always intuitive, which is a major disadvantage when it comes to managing work.

5. Batiscript

Accessible on all devices, Batiscript offers an integrated solution for the management of construction projects. The application aims in particular to optimize the control of deadlines and budgets.

Among its advantages:

  • Training to get started with the software,
  • Real-time data synchronization,
  • 100% French software.

The platform guarantees time savings, improved operational efficiency and strengthened communication between all project stakeholders.

Although efficient for monitoring and collaboration, Batiscript remains difficult to master. Prices are on estimate and there are maintenance fees.

6. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is used in over 1 million projects around the world. The software is intended for construction sites of all sizes, and aims to improve communication and coordination between sites and administrative offices.

Some of its benefits include:

  • On-site coordination,
  • Performance monitoring,
  • Risk management,
  • Mobile access to plans,
  • Final annotations and backups.

Easy to set up, Fieldwire does not require extensive training. It is accessible from any browser, tablet or smartphone and can be adapted to any type of project. Its support, being partly in English, can be an obstacle to its purchase. It also has a few bugs.

7. Obat

Obat stands out as one of the most complete construction software on the market. He is also known for its ease of use and advanced features.

Some characteristics:

  • Management of deposits and work situations.
  • Issuance of VAT certificates and electronic signature of quotations.
  • Batichiffrage library for quotes adapted to each project.
  • Scheduling management module that works like a CRM.

Obat is appreciated for its wide range of tools, with for example the possibility of an optional Batichiffrage library. On the black spots side, its rates are high and some users report analysis capabilities that are too limited.

8. Bulldozair

Bulldozer offers a site monitoring method that simplifies and optimizes the management of information on construction sites. This tool reduces the time spent collecting and structuring data. He allows its users to save several hours per week.

Its main advantages:

  • Scheduling tasks,
  • Secure document management,
  • Mobile compatibility,
  • Task management,
  • Compatibility with other software and services,
  • Synchronizing and sharing files.

Some users regret some limitations in terms of exporting files, and denounce some bugs and relatively high rates.

9. Bateam Solution

Bateam Solution is a software designed to meet the needs of construction professionals. It offers integrated and effective management of site supervision. Its main functionalities are the creation of quotes, invoicing, and the monitoring of construction projects.

Some characteristics:

  • Accessible from any device, computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Adapted to many building contractors.
  • Good integration with various accounting software or ERP.

Although versatile, Bateam Solution seems lightweight in some areas such as human resources and logistics management.

10. Touch2Build

Touch2Build is a platform developed specifically for industries of construction and real estate. The solution includes a mobile application and a web interface.


  • Created by engineers specialized in construction.
  • Possibility to create tasks, annotations and reserve lists directly from the worksite.
  • Application designed to work offline and sync automatically.
  • Full control over projects by effectively managing subcontractors, stakeholders, and monitoring plans and tasks.

Touch2build is more limited when it comes to managing schedules or optimizing the use of resources. In particular, the application does not manage timesheets and payroll variables, which can be an inconvenience depending on the size of your structure.

Choosing the best site monitoring software

Choosing a construction site monitoring software requires attention and accuracy. It is important to consider several criteria to meet the specific needs of your business.

The criteria to take into account when choosing the best site monitoring software

Costs and budgets

Think about the return on investment by comparing initial costs with long-term benefits. Don't overlook implementation, training, and maintenance costs, as software that is cheaper at the start can become more expensive with additional features.

The functionalities of the tool

Choose software that offers the essential functionalities for your business. For example, make sure that it includes task planning, real-time monitoring of work, and the centralization of documents. It's also important that the software integrates well with the other systems your business uses.

The ease of handling

Choose software that's intuitive for everyone on your team toavoid long and expensive training. Look for a clear interface and well-designed user guides for rapid adoption and optimized field efficiency.

In conclusion, why is Alobees the best site monitoring software in 2024?

Alobees is establishing itself as the leader in construction site monitoring software. Learn how it is transforming construction project management.

  • Centralization of documents: group all your documents — from production plans to meeting minutes, including prevention documents — in one place.
  • Off-road access: Connect whether you're on the job site, in the office, or on the go.
  • Communication: facilitate exchanges with sharing tools and news feeds specific to each project.
  • Scheduling: organize your human and material resources according to the needs of your projects.
  • Organization of tasks: precisely monitor the progress of work on the site.
  • Intervention management: consult the agenda of your employees in real time and generate intervention reports.
  • Timesheets: monitor hours worked to better control labor costs.
  • Payroll variables: simplify the collection of payroll variables for field employees, such as allowances for baskets and trips.

Alobees is the ideal choice for construction companies that aim for excellence in site supervision. Take advantage 14 day free trial and discover for yourself how it can optimize the management of your work.

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