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Alobees connects to your ERP system and automates the data flow in both directions.

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Avoiding double entries

Talk to us about your projects, we're compatible with all ERPs. Retrieve all the job history created in your ERP (quotation and invoice software) and integrate it into Alobees. Alobees automatically transfers data to your preferred financial management tools .

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Significant time savings

Documents edited in your ERP are sent directly to Alobees folders (quotes, purchase orders, etc.).

Up-to-date information on both sides

Employee hours entered in Alobees are automatically transferred to your ERP system, either manually or periodically, depending on your settings.

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Improve your construction site management with Alobees

🧐 What is the ERP connector?

The connector is installed locally on the same machine as the ERP and synchronizes data with Alobees via an API key. Installation and configuration can be carried out by the reseller or the Alobees Services team. Multiple ERP folders can be connected to multiple Alobees companies. The connector is compatible with various job tracking modules, and in the event of a shutdown, it can be restarted to make up for any synchronization delays!

☎️ Who can help if I have a problem with the connector ?

Connector support is provided by the service provider who carried out the installation. This may be an integrator or Alobees.

🔗 Does the connector work for all ERPs?

No, it is necessary to develop a connector through ERP. To date, Alobees provides 4 connectors (Sage, Graneet, Codial and EBP).

A complete suite of tools to improve your company profitability


Add your employees and define their roles. Activate and revoke access rights at any time.

Construction sites

Centralize your site information and find everything about your project in one place.


Plan your employees in 1 click and quickly visualize your activity.


Optimize the assignment of tasks from your Alobees application! Assign tasks to your projects and determine their progress.


Pin important information and issues to follow up on. Set properties for your memos.


Plan interventions and generate reports with all the details of your interventions.


Create specific schedules dedicated to your company's resources or your construction sites.


Benefit from tailor-made support: connection to your quote/invoice software, training, data extraction.

And more to come...

Features and improvements every month to continuously improve your experience on the app.

Our customers love us

Our customers are in the best position to talk about their experience with Alobees 🤝

Alobees has allowed us to gain in efficiency and responsiveness on our sites with a very good quality/price ratio. It is very quick to set up and intuitive to use. My employees on site really appreciate the news feed and the fact that they can see their schedule simply and quickly. For my part, I appreciate the interpersonal skills and the active listening of the technical department and management when it comes to my requests for the development of the application.

Patrick Lucas

Manager at IGC

“Before Alobees, our approach was different, but now we couldn't think of doing anything else.”

Michel Cubas


Alobees is a solution that has greatly facilitated the sharing and flow of information within the company. This saved us the equivalent of a post in just a few months. Today, it seems inconceivable to go back in time.

Ludovic Hamoir

Construction manager at BYBATISOL

“Since using Alobees, the management of my construction sites has become much more efficient. The application is intuitive, allows real-time monitoring, and greatly facilitates communication with my team.”

Manuel Lourenço

Construction manager

The application allows me to save a lot of time. I can manage the schedule and follow the timesheets of my companions in one click! We were able to save a post with an enormous gain in the management of operations related to the feedback of journeymen's hours.

Sébastien Petit

Manager at ARTIPLAC

They speak about us

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