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The benefits 🀩

  • Quick start of the tool
  • Knowledge of the overall functional scope
  • Available and responsive team

πŸ‘· Employee training

πŸ“± Remote training for proper use of the web application

πŸŽ“ 2H training

⌚️ Declaring hours

πŸ“† View your schedule

🦺 Managing interventions

πŸ—£ Communicating with the team


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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Administrator training

πŸŽ“ 3H Backoffice training
πŸ–₯ Remote training for proper use of the web and mobile application
πŸ— Organize your business
🧐 Analyze your worksite tracking
πŸ”— Master the link between Alobees and ERP
πŸ“ Prepare task sheets
🦺 Manage your teams' interventions


πŸŽ“ Is training essential?
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✍️ How do I register for training?
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πŸ’« How does the training work?
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