Construction tasks

Optimize the assignment of tasks from your Alobees application. Assign tasks and determine their progress. With the task sheets module, your employees can fill out daily sheets to report the work done. The task sheets will therefore be validated by the work manager.

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Define the tasks to be completed

Share the tasks to be carried out on a construction site with all of your teams, add the title, quantity and deadline.

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Easily reassemble the work done

Keep an overview of the construction site with the task sheet module. In the field, the collaborator can gradually complete the work carried out, which is then validated by the construction manager.

Follow the progress of tasks

Every day, you can consult the progress of your projects in real time. Thanks to our color code you will automatically know if you are on time. When the task is finalized you only have to close the task.

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Better manage your construction site thanks to Alobees

🙌 What are the benefits of tasks on the app?

Tasks allow you to effectively organize your projects and achieve your goals.

✅ How do I create a task?

Tasks can only be created from the web version. The addition of tasks is reserved for administrators and construction managers. This is possible from the worksite sub-menu called “Tasks”. Click on the white cross in the blue circle to add a task to the construction site.

📱 What are the possible uses of the tasks?

There are several possible uses: The To-Do-List, to add the tasks to be done to your projects. The task sheet, tasks must be added to the site, automatically from the ERP or manually from the web application. Companions will have to fill out a daily task sheet in order to report the work done.

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Add your employees and define their roles. Activate and revoke access rights at any time.

Construction sites

Centralize your site information and find everything about your project in one place.


Plan your employees in 1 click and quickly visualize your activity.


Optimize the assignment of tasks from your Alobees application! Assign tasks to your projects and determine their progress.


Pin important information and issues to follow up on. Set properties for your memos.


Plan interventions and generate reports with all the details of your interventions.


Create specific schedules dedicated to your company's resources or your construction sites.


Benefit from tailor-made support: connection to your quote/invoice software, training, data extraction.

And more to come...

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Alobees has allowed us to gain efficiency and responsiveness on our sites with very good value for money. It is very quick to set up and intuitive to use. My colleagues on site really appreciate the news feed and the fact that they can see their schedule simply and quickly. For my part, I appreciate the interpersonal skills and active listening of the technical department and management regarding my requests regarding the development of the application.

Patrick Lucas


Alobees is a solution that has greatly streamlined the sharing and circulation of information within the company. This saved us the equivalent of a post after just a few months. It seems inconceivable to us today to go back.

Ludovic Hamoir

Project Manager at BYBATISOL

When I took over the climate engineering company, I immediately understood that planning, site monitoring, the flow of information and monitoring of the cost price are essential. I found Alobees, an application on smartphone and computer, which works in real time and interfaces wonderfully with the Batigest management tool. Today, everyone in society uses it, it has very quickly become an essential tool for each of us. With Excel, life is more beautiful - With Alobees, we curl!

Christian Garcia


The application saves me a lot of time. I can manage the schedule and follow the time sheets of my companions in one click! We were able to save a position with a huge gain in the management of operations linked to the reporting of companions' hours.

Sébastien Petit


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