How to facilitate the return/transmission of information?

Alobees, application de suivi de chantier mobile, vous explique comment faciliter la remontée d’information terrain facilement.

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How to facilitate the return/transmission of information?

The feedback and transmission of information are essential for site monitoring. This article explains how to establish effective communication between all levels of the company. Explore effective strategies to optimize internal processes.

Why is it important to report on your construction sites?

Clear communication and effective feedback are essential ingredients for the successful management of a construction site. Here's why.

What is feedback on site?

Feedback refers to collecting and sharing data and observations from the construction site. This includes work progress, material requirements, safety issues, and customer interactions.

The advantages of good feedback

One construction site monitoring effective requires rapid and accurate feedback of information, which is essential for construction managers. This allows them to:

  • Resolve safety issues and delays quickly to ensure safety and meet deadlines.
  • Anticipating customer expectations for adapted answers and avoid construction site disputes.
  • Making informed decisions thanks to up-to-date data.
  • Manage resources optimally to minimize costs.
  • Reducing confusion and litigation by improving communication.

What is the important information to report?

To ensure effective site monitoring, it is therefore essential to have accurate information. Site or team managers must communicate about:

  • Security updates: sharing the latest safety procedures and equipment to actively prevent accidents.
  • The progress of the work: provide clear information on progress, completed steps and future steps, to ensure total transparency on the progress of work.
  • Incidents and anomalies: Report any incidents or deviations from the original plan immediately, allowing for quick and effective corrective actions.
  • Interactions with customers and suppliers: exchange regularly on customer feedback and supplier updates for smooth coordination and a response adapted to site requirements.

The Alobees application provides a news feed for real-time site monitoring. Site managers can easily post messages, photos, and videos to provide feedback (Learn more).

What should be put in place to improve information feedback?

The key to communication today lies in digitalization of processes. It ensures a rapid and direct transmission of information from the site to the construction managers, improving reactivity and efficiency. Businesses need to choose the right tools to optimize this communication within their teams.

Alobees gives companies the possibility to add an unlimited number of collaborators. The application thus streamlines exchanges between the various actors, with alerts directly on mobile phones (Learn more).

Alobees, the solution to facilitate the reporting of your information on site

The Alobees application is revolutionizing the management of construction sites for SMEs in the construction industry. Accessible from mobiles, tablets and computers, it saves up to 20% of time compared to traditional solutions.

Here are some of its features:

  • Centralization of documents: find all the important documents for each site.
  • Off-road accessibility: access to data on site, office or on the go.
  • Simplified communication: easily share information with dedicated tools.
  • Scheduling: organize human and material resources.
  • Task management: control the progress of the work with precision.
  • Intervention management: view the teams' agenda in real time and generate reports.
  • Timesheets: monitor working hours for optimized cost management.
  • Payroll variables: facilitate the collection of payroll data from field employees.

Take advantage of a 30-day free trial with Alobees now to improve the communication and organization of your projects. Don't let the competition get ahead of you (Learn more)!

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