Travel allowances in the construction industry in 2024

Alobees, a mobile construction monitoring application, explains everything you need to know about travel allowances in 2024.

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Travel allowances in the construction industry in 2024

Travel allowances in the construction industry in 2024

The rules for travel allowances in construction and public works often change. Here's what you need to know to apply them properly.

Why are there transport allowances for construction workers?

In construction, workers go to various construction sites on a daily basis. The national collective agreement for construction and public works has set up a compensation system. to avoid being penalized. Employers cover travel expenses by paying travel and transport allowances.

These allowances, which are mandatory and mentioned on the pay slip, are daily and fixed. They pursue several objectives:

  • Alleviate travel costs for workers,
  • Recognize the efforts related to frequent travel in the construction industry,
  • Compensate for the disadvantages associated with flexible hours in the sector,
  • Making jobs more attractive, which is important in times of labour shortages.

These benefits ensure fairness and can increase motivation. Some of them are exempt from social security contributions and income tax, within the limits of the ceilings set by the URSSAF. Elles contribute to job stability in the construction sector.

There are 2 compensated types of displacement

Employees can receive compensation for two main types of trips: small and large.

Small trips

It's about daily trips between home and the construction site. These trips concern workers whose workplace is close to their homes.

The big trips

Major trips concern situations where employees, due to distance, cannot return to their homes after their day at work. In these cases, they need to find housing near the construction site.

Short trip allowances

Short trip allowances fall into two main categories: travel allowances and transport allowances.

Travel Allowance Rules

Travel allowance: definition

The travel allowance is intended to compensate The time spent in transport to go to the construction site and go home.

Who benefits from the travel grant?

All employees moving to construction sites, regardless of their mode of transport, are entitled to this compensation.

Calculation of the travel allowance

The calculation takes into account the time spent in transport to and from the construction site.

Freight Allowance Rules

Transportation allowance: definition

She reimburses travel expenses from home to construction site.

Who benefits from the transport allowance?

All employees who go to the construction site by their own means are entitled to this allowance. It is not due if the company provides a service vehicle, transports the employee or reimburses public transport tickets.

Calculation of the transport allowance

The calculation is based on the expenses incurred to get to and from the construction site.

2023 Transport Allowance Limits

To illustrate this transport allowance, here are the daily exemption limits set by URSSAF for the year 2023:

Table of transport compensation ceilings 2023 (URSSAF)
Return journey ( km) Daily exemption limit 2023 (€)*
5 - 10 3.00
10 - 20 6,10
20 - 30 9,10
30 - 40 12,10
40 - 50 15,20
50 - 60 18,20
60 - 70 21,20
70 - 80 24.20
80 - 90 27.30
90 - 100 30,30
100 - 110 33.30
110 - 120 36,40
120 - 130 39,40
130 - 140 42,40
140 - 150 45.50
150 - 160 48.50
160 - 170 51.50
170 - 180 54.50
180 - 190 57.60
190 - 200 60,60

* Value per km range = value of the fiscal mileage allowance for a 4 hp fiscal vehicle/2 (0.606€ ÷ 2) × number of km. If an electric vehicle is used, the amount of the transport allowance is increased by 20%.

Long travel allowance

A worker on the move works far from home. He Can't come home every night because of distance or lack of transport.

Eligibility requirements

  • Distance from home to construction site of at least 50 km.
  • Travel time by public transport greater than 1.5 hours.

Amount of benefits in 2024

For trips up to 3 months:

  • €20.70 per meal.
  • 74.30€ in Paris and some departments for accommodation and breakfast.
  • 55.10€ in the other departments.

For longer trips:

  • 15% reduction from the 4th to the 24th month inclusive.
  • 30% reduction from the 25th to the 72nd month inclusive.

Note that the allowances must appear on the pay slip. Non-payment may result in adjustments by URSSAF.

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