The profitability of a construction site

How to calculate the profitability of your construction site? How to optimize it? Alobees, a construction site monitoring application, answers.

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The profitability of a construction site

In construction, ensuring the profitability of a construction site often depends on the details. Whether you are a business manager or a craftsman, cost control and project optimization are your daily priorities. Here is a guide to more effective construction site management.

What is the profitability of a construction site?

To understand the profitability of a construction site, it is necessary to focus on certain key elements, the management of associated costs being among the most important.


The profitability of a construction site is defined as the capacity of the project to generate revenue in excess of the total costs incurred for work. This involves accurate assessment and strict management of direct and indirect costs, as well as income from the construction contract.

A construction site is profitable when income exceeds expenses, testifying to effective and sound project management.


Calculating the profitability of a construction site may seem complex, but it is becoming more affordable when broken down into clear steps. Below is a simplified guide to help you understand the process for calculating the costs and benefits of a construction site:

1. Dry disbursement:

It is an indicator representing the direct cost of the construction site, generally including:

  • Materials: cost of raw materials and necessary supplies (unit price x quantity used).
  • Hardware: cost of renting or buying equipment and machines (rental or purchase price x duration of use).
  • Workforce: cost of wages for workers and technicians (hourly rate x hours worked).

For the dry outlay, the formula is simply the sum of the costs of materials, materials, and labor.

Example: if the materials cost €1,000, the material €500, and the workforce €1,500, the dry outflow is €3,000.

2. Cost price:

It is the total cost of the construction site, including general expenses (fixed and variable company expenses).

Formula: dry payout + (dry payout x overheads coefficient).

Example: if the cash outlay is €3,000 and the overhead coefficient is 20% (0.20), then the cost price is €3,600 [€3,000 + (€3,000 + (€3,000 x 0.20)].

3. Sales price excluding taxes:

This is the amount you charge the customer before taxes, including your profit margin.

Formula: cost price x (1 + profit coefficient).

Example: if the profit coefficient is 10% (0.10), and the cost price is €3,500, then the sales price excluding VAT is €3,850 (€3,500 x 1.10).

4. Sales price including VAT:

This is the final amount invoiced to the customer, including VAT.

Formula: sales price excluding VAT + VAT.

Example: if the VAT is 20%, the sales price including VAT is €4,800 (€4,000 + €800).

Assessing the profitability of a construction site requires a comprehensive vision, considering direct costs, overheads, and profit margin, each influencing the financial result of the project.

The different costs of a construction site

Managing the costs of a construction site is therefore essential to ensure the profitability and financial success of projects. These costs, which are varied and numerous, can be grouped into several categories:

  • Direct costs: they concern all expenses directly related to the completion of the site, such as the costs of purchasing and supplying raw materials and materials, as well as production costs, including labor and construction insurance.
  • Indirect costs: they include expenses that are not directly related to construction but are essential to the implementation of the project. They may include expenses such as administrative staff salaries, advertising and marketing costs, and other general management expenses.
  • Additional costs: they include unexpected cost overruns and interest on loans if the project is financed by a loan.
  • Maintenance and repair costs: they concern post-completion expenses, in particular the maintenance and repair of installations and equipment.

An in-depth analysis of these costs makes it possible to identify opportunities for savings and optimization, which are essential to maximize the profit of the construction site.

How to optimize the profitability of a construction site?

Here are some tips to improve the profitability of your project.

Optimize profitability as soon as the construction site is planned

Preparing a construction site aims primarily to guarantee safety, optimize resource efficiency and ensure good coordination between all stakeholders. It requires rigorous management of the budget and deadlines, as well as clear and effective communication.

This is the stage where you need to precisely define material and labour requirements and forecast associated costs. In particular, this involvesAssign the right tasks to the right people and make sure everyone is on the same page.

For example, Alobees makes it possible to efficiently allocate equipment and employees for each stage of the project.

Optimizing profitability during construction

It is also possible tooptimize profitability during the project by implementing targeted strategies to minimize costs and maximize value.

Negotiate the price of materials

Materials are expensive in construction. It is necessary to Negotiate prices with suppliers and to buy in bulk to get better rates.

Alobees helps you simplify your administrative processes by centralizing your documents and supplier contracts.

Improving team organization

Effective team coordination and management are essential for the success of a construction project. It is essential to clearly define roles and responsibilities, and to ensure that each member of the team understands and accomplishes their missions.

With the Alobees workload schedule, organize your resources over the long term and anticipate your personnel needs. This allows you to adjust your projects in real time, ensure that each member of the team knows exactly what they need to do, and maximize your margins.

Limiting lost time

Time is a precious resource, having a direct impact on the profitability of projects. It is decisive to reduce losses related to misunderstandings, lack of information, or uncommunicated changes.

Alobees's all-terrain access keeps you connected whether you're on the construction site, in the office, or on the road. With its sharing tools and project-based news feeds, communication and the transmission of instructions are facilitated and instantaneous.

Follow the construction site rigorously

One construction site monitoring drastic is essential for control costs and deadlines. Precise management of personnel, materials, and equipment prevents delays and budget overruns, allowing problems to be identified and resolved quickly.

Alobees helps you organize your operations and the management of timesheets in a more practical and efficient way. Consult the agendas of your employees directly, quickly draw up activity reports and control labor costs.

How does Alobees optimize the profitability of a construction site?

Alobees, a site monitoring application, is a tool that clarifies and orders the management of your projects. Its intuitive interface gives you a clear and precise vision of the progress of your projects, thus facilitating serene financial management.

Here is what Alobees offers for optimal site management:

  • Centralization of documents: quickly access all your important documents in one place and make informed decisions (Learn more).
  • Off-road access: always be connected and informed, whether on the construction site, in the office, or on the go.
  • Effective communication: exchange and share key information easily to avoid misunderstandings and delays.
  • Scheduling and organization of tasks: plan and monitor work accurately and optimize the use of resources (Learn more).
  • Management of interventions and timesheets: consult the agenda of your employees in real time and control labor costs (Learn more).
  • Payroll variables: easily retrieve the payroll variables of your field employees, to simplify payroll management (Learn more).

Alobees meets the needs of construction professionals by offering precision, efficiency, and perfect control of construction sites. Try it free for 30 days and optimize the management of your projects!

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